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As soon as you step into our service department you'll realize how far we take our professionalism. Don't let those "other guys" convince you they can service your motorcycle as well as us. They have neither the facility or the training required to ensure your safety. Harley-Davidson® of Valparaiso's service department has the experience and training necessary to maintain your Harley-Davidson®. Get started by filling out our service request form or call us and speak with the Service Department.

Thinking about making a trade? Check out all of our new Harley-Davidson motorcycles and our used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We also showcase all available Harley Davidson models so if we don’t have it in-stock, we can order it for you! We also offer parts and accessories, trade-in evaluations, test rides and so much more. Stop into our Valparaiso, IN dealership, call or contact us to learn more.

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We have a complete custom paint shop and collision center available.

John Galloway has the experience required for repairing and custom painting Harley-Davidson® components. Our service department specializes in collision repair and we are experienced in dealing with most insurance companies. Give us a call at 855-875-7942 or call John directly at 219-299-2228. We are your complete Harley® service center.

Is your Factory Warranty about to expire?

You can continue to ride worry-free for years with the purchase of an extended service plan that covers your Harley-Davidson® for up to seven total years. You'll have the confidence of knowing that should a covered repair be needed, the work will be performed by expert technicians in our service center or any H-D™ dealership in the country. It's smart "peace of mind" protection and it costs just pennies a day. Please act soon - you must acquire coverage before your factory warranty expires. Don't leave your motorcycle unprotected.

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Are you aware of all of the features available? One important feature is "Transport Mode". This allows the security system to be active without the motion sensor and prevents the lights from flashing when the motorcycle is moved or shaken. During transport over a long distance, the battery can become discharged if the motorcycle is not in transport mode. There are 3 ways to enable transport mode depending on the year of manufacture. Use the following as a guide for enabling transport mode but always refer to your owner's manual for detailed information on this. To exit this mode simply turn the ignition on with the key fob present or deactivate the security on 2000-2006 models.

2000-2006 Models

  • Step 1. Set RUN/OFF switch to OFF.
  • Step 2. Turn ignition switch to ON.
  • Step 3. Press and hold key fob button until confirmation of 3 flashes is received.
  • Step 4. Turn ignition switch to OFF.
  • Step 5. Press and hold key fob until confirmation of 3 flashes is received.

2007-2013 Models

  • Step 1. Turn ignition to ON.
  • Step 2. Set the engine stop switch to OFF.
  • Step 3. With the fob in range turn the ignition switch from OFF to ACC.
  • Step 4. Within 5 seconds press both turn signal switches simutaneously.
  • Step 5. After the turn signals flash 1 time, turn the ignition switch to OFF.
  • Step 6. The turn signals will flash 1 time to confirm module is armed.

2014 and Later

  • Step 1. With fob in range turn ignition switch to IGN.
  • Step 2. Before security lamp goes off turn the ignition switch to OFF.
  • Step 3. Simultaneously press both turn signal switches within 3 seconds.
  • Step 4. The turn signals will flash 1 time to confirm module is armed.

Tips For Keeping Your Ride in Great Shape

  • Check spark plugs, make sure they are clean and properly gapped.
  • Keep throttle and clutch cables lubed and adjusted.
  • Check tire air pressure. It's important for proper tire wear and operational safety.
  • Check all fluid levels: low motor oil, transmission oil, or primary fluid can cause premature wear and noise, and if left unattended, you can burn up your motor, transmission, or clutch.
  • Low brake fluid can cause a spongy lever or spongy read brake pedal. Once air enters the system it will need to be flushed.
  • Keep your battery fully charged. We recommend using a battery tender.
  • We recommend you always carry extra spark plugs, fuses, and a quart of oil.
  • Washing your motorcycle? Stay clear of commercial washing facilities and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. Those high-pressure hoses at car washes can damage motorcycle parts, which are more vulnerable than mechanical parts in cars. Wash and dry your motorcycle in a shady spot, since the sun can create temperature differentials that harm paint and allow water to leave spots.

If you don't have the time or the tools to address these items, give us a call, we'd be happy to help!